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There has been a mass-shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh. 11 people are dead. It is being hailed as the worst hate crime against Jews to occur on USA soil ever! Please pray for the families of the victims and the 4 wounded police officers involved in the subsequent shoot out and arrest of the gunman. Also pray for the USA.


Pray for us those we know who are suffering in body, mind or spirit right now. For the staff of our Hospitals, our G.P's and pharmacies. For all who have struggled with illness over recent weeks.

Our City

Local Government

Pray for our Mayor and Councillors, for wisdom and strength in their decision making. That they listen to the people and take their concerns on board. That hearts and minds may be opened to God and that those who are Christians are given the strength to stand up for what they believe.

Local Church

Pray for our Archdeacon Stuart Goodin. Continue to pray for our new Wanganui Anglican Parish - that we continue to move forward as one. That we all have the grace to get beside those who struggle with change, encouragement to stand beside people as they find a place in the new regime, the confidence to ask how we can use our skills and gifts to help and acceptance of those who may have different ideas to us. Give thanks for the many people who work behind the scenes, helping things to run smoothly and get things done.

Continue to pray for our Vestry, Wardens and Synod Reps. For wisdom and grace in their decision making. That they may support and encourage each other. Pray that they may have the confindence to speak out, when needed. Pray that they will have the courage to speak out on behalf of us all, dealing with any concerns.

Pray for Lorraine, and John. As they pack up and prepare to leave us and move to Australia.


Give thanks for all our families, friends, and loved ones who have an impact on our lives.

Help us to Give God the glory and realise that we are all a part of a bigger plan that we do not understand. Pray for us all to have to strength and wisdom to cope with the struggle of everyday living.

Pray that we may have the grace to reach out to those who are not as fortunate as we are. Pray for Ranee you tirelessly works to provide a place for the homeless, those living in their cars and sleeping rough in the freezing cold. Give thanks that most of us have all that we need - warmth, shelter, food and families. Let us never take that for granted and share what we can with those who are not so blessed.

Give thanks that we have a God who loves us all unconditionally and only wants the best for us. Let us all become God's light in the world among all those around us.

Prayer 7's

Pray for all those who use this website to be touched by the Holy Spirit at this time. May God use this work for his glory and Let us all be examples of Christ's love in the world.


We offer thanks and praise to you LORD for blessing this venture,
giving us your support, and inspiration.
We praise you for being, who you are,
that you bless us with what we need often
before we even know we need it.
That your plans for us are so much greater
than anything we could imagine.
Truly may thy will be done in these pages.


If you know of a situation needing prayer support, please message us, if you receive no reply from our contact us page, within a day or two, then email

Some International Prayer requests courtesy of Open Doors, and World Watch Monitor sources.