The Great Commission – Tell Somebody

Saturday in Easter Week


The Ascension
The Great Commission
Saturday in Easter Week

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Today's Gospel Reading is very short but is one of the most important in the Bible. Jesus last words as he ascended to heaven 40 days after the resurrection. There had been numerous appearances and over 500 people had seen him since he conquered death.

I really love the video I found for the occasion, it is very impressive. The reality I think was probably incredibly impressive. It was something that all those present never forgot for the rest of their lives. The words of the Great Commission are also things we should never forget. Every person who we lead to become a Christian should be warned – this is not necessarily going to give you prosperity and riches in this life. For some believers to follow Jesus means more than just believing in Him. It also means becoming a geographical nomad.

Jesus warned them himself about the cost of following him, he said:

'"Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head.'. . . . .Luke 9:57

Essentially the Great Commission is – TELL EVERYBODY ABOUT JESUS. That's everybody in the whole world. They were to make disciples in every nation and country.

Some of us have been blessed with circumstances that allow for travelling outside of our communities and abroad while others have been blessed to target specifically their native community, their neighbours, the person who lives across the fence or across the street. Whether you are called to share in your home area and community, or marked by Jesus to be a geographical nomad of no fixed home, a spiritual refugee, going wherever he sends you spreading the gospel on your way. The point is we are ALL supposed to be missionaries – wherever we are.

Lots of Christians today are doing short mission trips – getting their feet wet. You go for a short time – but are you called to stay? To reach people, that otherwise won't be reached sometimes you sometiems need to immerse yourself in their lives. Embrace their culture, as much as possible, keeping clear of anything sinful, commit yourself to stay, to live beside them sharing their problems, in a lifestyle possibly far different from your own, until Jesus says it is time to move on. Where or to what is Jesus calling you?