Harvest Thanksgiving

3rd Sunday of Easter


wheat field

Picture courtesy of lavistachurchofchrist.org (adapted)

Today we celebrate the Harvest with Thanksgiving because here in the Southern Hemisphere it is autumn (Fall) we are coming into winter and it is the time, to thank God for the bounty of the harvest he has provided. While some in this country have a harvest for which to thank him, the majority of farming is still sheep or dairy and so the harvest and its schedule are completely different. Then there are the thousands of city dwellers, who have no involvement with harvest time and really will never understand what it is all about – but who also should give thanks on a regular basis to God for all he provides.

In New Zealand the harvest I would most like to thank him for right now is the harvest of love and unity that came from a tragic act of hate. The Christchurch shootings in March are not forgotten and I thank God for the outpouring of love and unity that was the direct opposite of what the enemy in our midst sought to achieve.

In my own personal life I am also gratefully thankful to God for his love and care for me and for my loved ones. For bringing back into my life that which I thought was lost forever and for his provision, allowing me to continue to serve him here online.

That being said I want to take a moment to look today at Psalm 65 which gives us a wonderful list of things for which to thank God. It is good start as a list of things for which to praise Him:-

I think the most important one in the list is the second one. We are all of us sinners, but do you know what the word “sin” really means in the Bible – the actual Hebrew translation. It means, ‘to go astray, to miss the mark or the goal’; in God’s understanding to not meet His standard. So indeed all of us are sinners.