Don't Panic

Picture courtesy of TeePublic

None of us are perfect, we are all human, we all make mistakes. I am not talking about intentional, wilful, sin, but Honest Mistakes which unfortunately can sometimes lead into sin.

I believe there are 5 categories of mistakes illustrated in the Bible; today I want us to consider the first one.

Panic Prompted Mistakes

These are mistakes we make out of fear or from being in a hurry or as a result of worry. We panic and make a wrong decision.

There was at that time a terrible famine in the land: and so Abram went on down to Egypt to live. – Genesis 12:10

This was a mistake, God had made some serious promises to Abram, promises he would possess the land where he dwelt, a promise that God would meet his needs and bless him and that he would become a great nation. Then at the first sign of trouble, instead of staying put and asking God for help – he goes to Egypt – God didn’t tell him to do that. It wasn’t part of God’s plan and it lead into sin, when they got there, he told Sarai to lie about being his wife, which led to a lot of trouble they didn’t need. One mistake leads to another.

In the book of Numbers chapter 13 and 14 we have another mistake prompted by panic. In this occasion we have the 12 spies going into the land of Canaan; 10 spies came back and said we can’t go into Canaan. This was the Promised Land. It had been the place God had wanted them to go. But in their fear, in their panic, they said we can’t go in because there are giants there. At first there is no sin involved. But sin followed and it cost them all 40 years in the wilderness. Panic prompted mistake. Now in modern times for you and for me I think panic prompted mistakes are most obvious. First in the area of romance. Second in the area of finance. Think about it!

Women think they have been left on the shelf, their biological clock is ticking, Guys also get in too much of a hurry. We all cease waiting on God and we take things into our own hands.

The same thing is true in the area of finance. We often panic. We are prompted in our hurry to run ahead of God. We rush out and do things that maybe we should not have done. We make a gross mistake. We take the first way out to solve our financial problems and we only fall deeper into it. It is a mistake.

When have we done this in either romance or finances we want to say, “Lord, where are you?” We go down and drown in the midst of our problems.

In all the biblical examples of honest mistakes caused by Panic, the biggest mistake, the key mistake is they are not trusting God – that 40 years in the wilderness was to teach the Jews to Trust Him, to correct their mistake. All those years, he supernaturally provided for them ALL, even their flocks and herds. Their clothes and shoes never even wore out. . . Stand fast. God knows what He is doing in our lives. Often God has a plan for us, and we in our panic rush right past God’s provision, because we just don’t trust God ... or we are too impatient to allow Him to work. He knows your needs; He loves you; so talk to Him, Sit tight and DON’T PANIC.