Holy Wednesday

Anointing at Bethany


Mary anointing Jesus
Holy Wednesday,
Anointing at Bethany

Picture courtesy of lavistachurchofchirst.org

Holy Wednesday has also been called 'Spy Wednesday' or 'Good Wednesday'. The word 'Spy' here denotes an ambush or snare (trap) because today we remember two people the first is Mary of Bethany and the second is the betrayer, Judas Iscariot.

After Palm Sunday, the Sanhedrin, the Jewish council of Priests and Pharisees, gathered and plotted to kill Jesus before Passover. On the Wednesday before his death, Jesus had returned to Bethany, and was having dinner in the house of Simon the Leper. As he sat at the supper table with his disciples, a woman Mary (we do not know if this is the same Mary, who was Martha's sister or another,) came and anointed Jesus' head and feet with a costly oil, Judas Iscariot complained at her waste of an item, that could have been sold and the money given to the poor. He was unknowingly showing his true character, it has been suggested that he was in charge of the money and was dipping into the purse for his own use, that may have been so, but the fact is, he is really suggesting that it is a waste to honour Jesus. He implies that Jesus is not worthy of such an honour by his statement. Jesus stated that He knew she had been inspired by the Holy Spirit to do this, to prepare him for his burial – He knew what was coming.

It was after this that Judas went to the Sanhedrin and offered to deliver Jesus to them in exchange for money, - 30 pieces of silver. From this moment on, Judas sought an opportunity to betray Jesus. But Mary will always be remembered because of her sincere loving care in the anointing of our Lord.